Manchester United: Forever Mine!

May 3, 2020, 8:36 a.m.

By: Arwinas Khadka

This is Owen... taken it in his stride. Chamot is trying not to bring him down... it's still Michael Owen... he's scored a wonderful goal. Is there nothing beyond this 18-year-old?” 

This was the first-ever video that introduced me to the world of football. Before this, I had never had any football experience. I have never played neither watched any football. But this particular moment, made so much impact on me that it made me a football fanatic that I am now. And this made me instantly fall in love with Michael Owen and England. 

But it wasn’t until the 2000’s that I knew club football existed. Plus lack of channel’s hindered my desire to watch football. But then when the internet came around. There was no stopping. I would always be around on internet surfing through random videos of football. I would search for football posters and hunt jerseys. I would save my lunch money and pocket money to buy football and jersey and shoes. By 2002 I knew almost everything about football. The clubs, the players, and the biggest sporting events on Earth, “The Fifa World Cup.” I rooted for England. I read that they have the best players in that Generation. But when they lost that match to Brazil, boy, I cried. I was hurt. That’s when I knew. There was the side of football that teaches you pain. That shows you how you can love something.  

This was the event that introduced me to Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo, Cafu, and a whole lot of stars. The 2002 world cup was something that hit my radar the most. As an impressionable rubbery brained 10-year-old. And I looked for club football to continue my love for the game. And there it was, I found it. David Beckham. A top-class baller who could score impeccable free kicks and provide assist. The poster boy with the best attribute in the game. He played for Manchester United. And there it was, that’s how I started my journey to love Manchester United. I was running down the staircase of my house going into the field, on my Red jersey which had Vodafone engraved on it. I loved it so much that I would save my money and Dashain Dakshina to buy one. Some years, I bought United Jersey as my Dashain’s new dress. By the year 2005. I was a Devil. I wasn’t born as one, but it was sure I would die a Mancunian.   

Slowly as more videos came by, I started downloading it. All of the clips of Giggsy, Cantona, Roy Keane, Scholsey, Beckham. And I watched it. I wrote down the lyrics of “Glory Glory Man United.”  

And then sang it all when my teacher made me sing a song. My voice isn’t great. But who cares as long as I get to sing “We are boys in the Red and we’re on our way to Wem-ber-ly”. And even today, I hymn the lyrics of take me home, United Road, to the place I belong. 

Honestly, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. But watching Manchester United grow into becoming the powerhouse under Sir Alex Ferguson was something beyond special. Something every Manchester United fan would cherish. Being a Manchester United fan you just feel it. From Terry’s miss to Liverpool’s draws bottling the title in 2008. From 0-2 down to Tottenham to 5-2 win. I’ve seen it all. The comebacks, the victories, it feels way better than your crush or your lover telling you “ I love you’s.” But Knocking Liverpool of their Fucking perch, has been my greatest ever victory as a United fan. There are a lot of sweet victories. But this will go down as the best ever.  

This United can be turgid, tongue-tied, trigger-unhappy. But in every game, there are glimmers of hope – in Marcus Rashford’s marauding and Anthony Martial’s panache, in Paul Pogba’s vision and Wan-Bissaka’s resilience, in Scott McTominay’s fire and Mason Greenwood’s cool. There is a United team in there, trying to get out. If they could just learn to take free-kicks, corners, and throw-ins, they’d be fine. 

Manchester United is all about love and respect. With history, tradition with trophies, and fans that would give everything just to be a part of it. I started from a railroad team to be the biggest Sporting franchise at the moment. It has come a long way. Manchester United is beyond a football club. It’s a religion, where we pray to God’s Sir Matt Busby. Jimmy Murphy and Sir Alex Ferguson.  

From Busby Babes to the Class of 92’s. We’ve had it all. Every time I watch the movie “United” it brings me to tears. I’ve been through the highs of winning Premier League to Champions league. And the lows of finishing 7th in the league. No matter how many defeats and pain, United brings my smile back, every next week again. By raising butterflies inside of me back from the dead. Cause f*** Liverpool, F*** all you scoucers cause Man United rule.

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